Rental Rules

A brief overview of booking policies and rental and house rules

  • NO SMOKING/NO VAPING inside the cabin (including non-tobacco substances).
  • Events are only permitted with advance WRITTEN permission from the Owners; Separate "event" insurance may be required to be purchased by the Guest, with Owners named as co-beneficiaries.
  • A deposit is required to reserve the property; the Balance will be due 60 days before the check-in date. For reservations made less than 60 days before the check-in date, the full amount is due immediately.
  • For advance reservations: If the balance due is not paid in full by the due date, the booking will be canceled, and Owners will retain any payments made to date.
  • The Primary Guest must be at least 25 years of age to rent and must be present during the entire stay.
  • A Rental Agreement signed by the Primary Guest and a valid photo ID is required. Failure to provide these items within 48 hours of the booking (or 24 hours if the beginning of the stay is less than 48 hours away) may result in the cancellation of the booking and a refund being issued.
  • No third-party rentals are permitted. For example, a parent cannot rent our property for their child who is under the minimum age. The property cannot be rented for someone else if the requestor will not be staying at the property or will not be staying at the property throughout the entire duration of the rental period. The guest signing the Rental Agreement must be the same one who provides a valid photo ID.
  • Minors under 18 can only stay with a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult present at the property and must never be left unsupervised.
  • Any booking requests are subject to the Owners' approval. If the booking is not approved, we reserve the right to cancel/decline the booking and issue a refund promptly, if applicable.
  • No occupancy above the stated limit is allowed at any time. The number of guests in the Rental Agreement must include ALL adults and ALL children, regardless of age. While we do not charge extra fees per person, we enforce occupancy rules to ensure compliance with fire codes and to prevent overloading of the cabin's mechanical and septic systems.
  • NO PETS or ANIMALS. If the Guest brings pets or evidence of pet presence is discovered, Guests will be required to vacate the property immediately, with the rent and deposit money forfeited. No refund of any kind will be given under such circumstances.
  • Reservations made under false pretenses will be deemed canceled by the Guest. In such cases, the Guest and everyone in their party will be denied entry to the property. If Guests are already checked in, their stay will be terminated, and they will be required to vacate the property immediately. No refund of any kind will be given under such circumstances.
  • Availability is real-time and may change after the quote is given. The property is not reserved until the deposit (or full balance) is paid and the booking is accepted/approved by the Owners.
  • The Security/Rental Deposit (as applicable) will be refunded/released within 14 days after check-out if there are no damages or excessive cleaning required (See the sample Rental Agreement below for more details).
  • Our 60-day cancellation policy states that we will issue a full refund of the amounts paid if bookings are canceled by the Guest 60 or more days before their originally scheduled check-in. For cancellations after the 60-day window, we may consider changing your dates to a later date of stay upon request, on a case-by-case basis. However, the "No refund" policy will apply to the rescheduled reservation. If the new dates are priced higher than the original dates of stay, the difference will be added to the balance due. If the new dates are at a lower rate, no refund or credit will be issued.
  • We strongly recommend obtaining Travel/Cancellation Insurance for your trip, especially if your stay is during the winter months or if you are concerned about possible cancellation. Please refer to [relevant links] for further information. If you are booking via our website or a quote sent to you by us, you will be able to purchase Travel insurance at check out.
  • Payments accepted: personal or cashier's check, money order (at least 35 days before the check-in date), Zelle, Venmo direct bank-to-bank payment, and major credit cards. A credit card processing fee may apply. For reservations made via 3rd party sites (Airbnb, VRBO/HomeAway, TripAdvisor, etc), payment terms and conditions are governed by the respective site's policy.
  • Address, driving directions, and check-in instructions will be provided after the balance is paid and a few days before check-in.
  • Check-in is at 3:00 PM ET, and check-out is at 10:00 AM ET unless pre-arranged otherwise in advance. Late check-outs are subject to a deduction from the deposit (see Rental Agreement for details).
  • Owners reserve the right to install and operate security devices or image capture/image recording devices anywhere on the property, including the exterior of the cabin, for the express purpose of securing the property, driveway, entryway, parking, dwelling, and its contents, as well as enforcing compliance with occupancy and pet rules. By signing the Rental Agreement and/or making payment for the reservation, the Guest acknowledges their awareness of the presence and operation of such devices on the property and consents to the possibility of their own and their party's images being captured, on behalf of themselves and the entire Guest's party.
  • The cabin is located in a wooded area that is still largely wilderness. As such, it is possible to encounter four-legged, six-, eight-, or more legged or winged visitors both outside and inside. While we undertake regular monthly pest control, it is not possible to completely prevent such occurrences.
  • Please ensure that food items are not left in vehicles, and refrain from leaving food, food leftovers, or garbage outside. When leaving the cabin, remember to lock the doors/windows of the cabin as well as your vehicle's doors/windows, even for short periods. Any garbage should be bagged and secured in the provided bear-resistant garbage containers.
  • Guest concerns and/or complaints should be submitted in writing, either by text or email, BEFORE departure, allowing the Owners sufficient time to document the issue and undertake reasonable corrective measures.
  • Violation of rental policies, occupancy, pet and house rules, or Rental Agreement conditions will result in immediate termination of the stay without any refund and forfeiture of the Rental deposit.


Sample Rental Agreement >>>