7 Reasons Why Our Smoky Mountains Cabins May Not Be Right for You

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Are you considering booking one of our Smoky Mountains cabins for your next getaway? While we strive to provide a unique and authentic experience in the heart of nature, we believe in transparency and want to ensure our guests have the best possible stay. Here are seven reasons why our cabins may not be the ideal choice for everyone:

1. No Room Service or Daily Maid: If you're expecting the services of an all-inclusive resort, you might be surprised. Our cabins are vacation rentals, not hotels, so you won't find room service or daily maid service.  We encourage self-sufficiency and the freedom to create your own experience. (The cabin will be cleaned for your arrival and linens provided, plus there is a washer and dryer for your needs. Contact us with any questions and see FAQ and info on what's provided).

2. Mountain Driving Required: The Smoky Mountains offer nature views, but getting there involves navigating some mountainous roads. If driving on hilly terrain is a deal-breaker for you, it might be worth considering a hotel or condo in downtown Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, or a flat-ground vacation destination.

3. Privacy vs. Proximity to Downtown: Seeking privacy and seclusion? Keep in mind that these qualities are often at odds with being within walking distance to downtown. If you want to escape into nature, you may need to compromise on immediate access to city amenities.

4. Limited Transportation Options: In the rural mountain setting, don't expect the convenience of Uber or Lyft. Transportation options are limited, so be prepared to drive and explore the beautiful surroundings at your own pace. See transportation suggestions here

5. No Events Allowed: Looking to host an event at our property? Unfortunately, we do not permit events for various reasons, including limitations in our liability insurance. Consider booking a proper venue to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gathering.

6. Strict No-Pet Policy: While we love pets ourselves, we adhere to a strict no-pet policy due to potential allergies and sensitivities of other guests. If you're traveling with furry friends, we'd be happy to recommend pet-friendly alternatives.

7. Not a Party Venue: Our cabins are perfect for families and groups seeking a peaceful retreat. However, we strictly prohibit loud, messy, and destructive parties. If you're looking for a party pad, our cabins may not be the right fit.


We believe in providing an authentic mountain experience, and our cabins cater to those who appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the Smoky Mountains. If our offerings align with your preferences, we look forward to hosting you in our Smoky Mountains cabins.