Cabin FAQ

Questions about your Smoky Mountains cabin stay? We have answers!

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept personal and cashier's checks, money orders (if submitted at least 45 days before check-in), direct bank-to-bank transfers, and most major credit cards when booking through our website or a direct quote. Please note that a credit card processing fee may apply. Payment methods on third-party sites like Airbnb, or Vrbo/Expedia depend on those platforms.

Can we make partial/monthly payments? 

  • For Direct and Vrbo reservations, we provide secure payment links for making payments. Each partial payment receives a receipt. Multiple payments are allowed, but the balance must be paid in full by the agreed-upon due date.

  • Payment schedules for bookings on other third-party sites follow their respective policies

How is staying in a vacation rental different from staying in a hotel? 

Vacation rental homes offer more space, flexibility, and seclusion than standard hotels. You'll enjoy exclusive amenities such as a fully-equipped kitchen, private and common areas, outdoor features, and recreational options. Please adhere to house rules, pet policies, occupancy limits, and safety precautions.

Can I bring as many people as I want?

Strict occupancy limits apply to ensure safety and protect property infrastructure. You must adhere to the maximum allowable property limit or the number of guests specified in the Rental Agreement, whichever is less. Approval is required for day visitors. Non-compliance results in immediate stay termination and forfeiture of payments. Refer to your Rental Agreement, rental policy, and property rules for more information.

 What is covered by the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee encompasses preparing the property for the next guest's arrival after your departure. This includes thorough cleaning of the cabin, maintenance of the hot tub (emptying, cleaning, and refilling), providing fresh linens and towels, sanitizing all showers and bathrooms, supplying initial cleaning and paper products, as well as disposing of trash at the designated collection center.

What is not covered by the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee does not include daily maid service, interim cleaning (unless pre-arranged for an additional fee), bed-making, dishwashing, laundry, or ironing during your stay. Normal cleaning responsibilities during your stay, such as tidying up after yourselves, are also not included.

What are the chances of snow when I travel? Does it snow in the Smokies and when?  

While Smokies are not the Great White North, it does snow on occasion. See our winter travel tips. And, here is a blog post about Winter in the Smokies

Do I need to follow your directions, or just use a GPS? 

Relying solely on GPS and Google Maps in mountainous areas can be inaccurate. We recommend using the provided directions alongside GPS for a better understanding of the route. GPS works well on main county roads and in urban areas. Please avoid driving in the center of narrow mountain roads to prevent collisions. As a local courtesy, let uphill cars pass first when driving downhill on narrow roads.

Where do I get groceries? 

There are several supermarkets, the closest one will be  Food City on E Parkway in Gatlinburg (across from City Hall) - open 24 hours. If you are driving through Sevierville taking Dolly Parton Parkway, there is also a Food City on the way as well as Walmart Neighborhood Market (open 24 hours). Smoky Mountain Grocery delivery service  - instructions are here

How do we access the cabin?  

After your reservation is confirmed and you have signed the Rental Agreement, provided your ID, and paid the balance in full, you will receive detailed check-in procedures, cabin access instructions, and directions. Typically, we send these two weeks before your scheduled arrival to avoid having to resend them in case of any changes.

Where do I get firewood for the fire pit?

Firewood is not provided by us and guests are advised to purchase their own locally. Bundles of firewood are available at most local grocery stores (refer to above). Guests may also use fallen tree branches on the property at their own risk, but cutting standing vegetation is prohibited. It is important to be considerate of neighboring properties and only collect branches from our cabin's property. NEVER leave a fire unattended even for a short time. Make sure to extinguish the fire entirely before departing from the area around the firepit. All our cabins have garden hoses you can use to put the fire out. Observe county fire bans!  

What about wildlife? Any bears?​​ 

The area is abundant with wildlife, including rabbits, raccoons, turkeys, foxes, various birds, deer, snakes, and, of course, black bears. Although we have never encountered them directly, our security cameras have captured some sightings and a few of our garbage cans have been dragged away by bears. It is crucial to adhere to the guidelines and refrain from leaving food outside or feeding the animals. Additionally, it is imperative to securely lock your vehicles and store all bagged garbage in locked outdoor bear-resistant containers. See bear safety tips

Why no certain utensils / small appliances?  

Utensils may break or be lost and if nobody reports the absence and the cleaning staff doesn't notice, they won't be replaced. Please inform us if you notice anything missing as we keep common utensils and small appliances in stock, including mixers, blenders, toasters, can openers, coffee makers, slow cookers, and irons. Optional small appliances may or may not be available. We make an effort to provide hair dryers in the bathrooms but they sometimes go missing.

What if there is a power outage?  

Power outages can occur due to high winds and the location of power lines in wooded areas. The most significant impact is the unavailability of running water due to the well pump cannot function without electricity. Sevier County Electric is automatically notified of power outages, and they typically respond quickly to resolve issues.

How fast is your Wi-Fi / Internet?

Due to the mountain/rural location of the cabin, the complimentary WIFI internet service is only available via the data connections sent from local area cellular towers to the gateway in the cabin or via Starlink satellite service (depending on the cabin). While most of the time these services provide sufficient speed, the services may be affected by weather conditions. Availability and speed cannot be guaranteed at all times.  

Do we need charcoal to use the outdoor grill?

 Appalachian Escape Cabin and Ridge View Lodge are equipped with charcoal park-style grills. If you intend to grill, please bring your own charcoal. Use the metal bucket provided to dispose of embers and ashes. Before leaving the grill area, make sure that the grill is fully extinguished.
Where is the remote? The remote battery is low.
To ensure proper usage, all electronics and their corresponding remote controls are labeled indicating their assigned room and device. It is important to keep the remotes in their designated rooms as indicated by the labels. The remote controls also have labels specifying the correct input for watching TV. If you mistakenly change the input and lose the signal, please refer to the back of the remote control for instructions on how to tune into the correct channel signal. Do not unplug any cables or alter any inputs on the devices. If you need to connect your own device, there is a clearly labeled HDMI port located under the TV. We regularly check and replace remote batteries, but occasionally batteries may run low. Spare batteries are available in a small container under the kitchen sink.
What kind of electronics are provided in the cabin? 
Every cabin will have a TV in every bedroom with DISH service with at least 100 channels. Depending on the cabin, there are 1 or 2 Blu-Ray players. Several smart TVs - bring your own password. Please make sure to use game ports provided for games brought by guests and DO NOT unplug any cords or wires connecting electronic equipment. If you change "input", please change it back to the way it was after use. Unplugged cords will result in a charge against the rental deposit. 

Critters and insects.

The cabin is situated in a mostly undeveloped wooded area, making it susceptible to various creatures with four, six, eight, or more legs or wings both indoors and outdoors despite having a routine pest control plan. Total prevention of such 'visitors' is not feasible. When staying in the cabin, refrain from leaving food items in vehicles and avoid leaving food, leftovers, or garbage outside. Dispose of all BAGGED waste by placing it in bear-resistant containers and securing them with latches.

Wasps/carpenter bees.

Usually, wasps build their nests under roof overhangs and eaves, and some of them end up getting inside and dying. Despite our efforts to keep up, they are often quicker than us. Typically, there is a can of wasp spray available, and maintenance can also handle wasps. On the other hand, carpenter bees - which are large, noisy, and black - pose no threat to humans because they lack stingers. However, they do cause damage to wood by creating holes in it. Fortunately, they seldom make their way inside the cabin.

Do you provide pack-n-plays and high chairs?

Each of our cabins is equipped with a high chair, but we regretfully cannot offer pack-n-plays and other baby gear due to insurance restrictions. However, you can rent the necessary equipment from a specialized company that will deliver and set it up for you:

Are there Uber, Lyft, or taxi services available?

Due to the mountain/rural nature of the area, Uber and Lyft services may be spotty. There are a couple of taxi/shuttle/limo services that you can book: