Should You Bring Your Pet Along On Your Smoky Mountains Vacation?

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We, humans, love our pets and want them to accompany us. Consider these facts before deciding if your pet must come with you on your Smoky Mountains vacation. And see if leaving your pets at home with a trusted sitter, friend, or family member is an option. 

Know the facts before you decide to bring your pet with you.

  • Only about 15% of cabins/chalets/condos are pet friendly, and most have pet type/size/age/number limitations and vaccination requirements; Plus, there are usually extra pet fees.
  • Even pet-friendly accommodations are usually limited to dogs only. Most do not allow cats, birds, and exotic animals. 
  • Sidewalk asphalt gets very hot during summer, this can hurt your pet’s paws.
  • The towns of Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and the surrounding area get very crowded. Your pet may become very stressed when surrounded by throngs of unfamiliar people, new smells, and sights. 
  • Even the best-behaved and housebroken pets can become destructive when left alone in an unfamiliar environment or have "accidents" although they never had them at home. You will be liable for any extra cleanup or damages caused by your pet.
  • Only some establishments allow pets, so you may be limited in what you can visit.
  • There are only 2 trails in GSMNP where leashed dogs are allowed; they are also allowed on campsites and along the roadsides; Dogs are not allowed on GSMNP hiking trails. That is for the safety of wildlife and dogs. Again, you may be limited in what places you can visit. 
  • Most importantly, several times a year we see heartbreaking social media posts about a pet that bolted and ran off from a cabin/condo/chalet/hotel. So instead of enjoying their vacation, stressed-out owners are searching for their beloved pet. This pet can be hit by a car or fall victim to wildlife.


Consider leaving your pets at home with a trusted sitter, friend, or family member.

  • This will also give you more available accommodation options as there are many more pet-free accommodations than pet-friendly ones. 
  • You will not have to rush back to your cabin/condo/chalet or hotel to take care of your pet and will be able to enjoy your Smoky Mountains experience to the fullest.  
Please note that Blue Mountain Cabins are not pet/animal friendly.