Hiking in the Smokies with llamas.. yes, you read that right!

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Just imagine A hiking experience without a heavy backpack! That can be done, and that is what Smoky Mountain Llama Trek can do! A truly unique way to explore the Great Smoky Mountains, hiking won’t ever be the same without a llama by your side.

Smoky Mountains Llama Treks offer one-hour, half-day, and full-day llama treks and they will take you through some absolutely breathtaking Smoky Mountain scenery. Travel the longest suspension bridge in the United States, take in the sights of a sixty-foot waterfall, see the zip-liners whiz by overhead, and take in spectacular, high-range mountain views, all with the company of your well-trained llama and friends!

Looking for a quiet night away from it all? Check out Smoky Mountain Llama Trek’s overnight trek! This overnight adventure will take you to the Buckeye Ridge Trail and to the top of Max Patch for a beautiful view of the Smoky Mountains. Visit a section of the Appalachian Trail to check out a shelter for dedicated hikers and enjoy an evening under the stars. In the morning, wake up to a tasty breakfast and head back to the farm to meet the rest of the llama herd!

You may be a little wary of llamas if you don’t know much about them. Although llamas are related to camels, these loving, fluffy animals at Smoky Mountain Llama Treks NEVER spit and are clean enough to cuddle up to. The animals are trek-trained to carry your gear and are very easy to lead. The llamas will follow you with no hesitation and will stop and go when you do! They don’t smell, kick or bite and are only trained for packs – not riding!

Llama Farm experience. 

For those who adore llamas but don't enjoy hiking, a visit to Smoky Mountain Llama Treks farm offers the perfect opportunity to get intimately acquainted with these magnificent creatures. During your visit, you will have the chance to meet the llama herd, discover their individual names and learn about their distinctive personalities. Additionally, you will have the delightful experience of feeding them, with their preferred treats being Graham crackers and bananas. Petting our llamas is not only permitted but also encouraged, as some of them even enjoy receiving hugs. If you have a passion for animals, this interactive educational experience is an absolute must!